The Neck Pain from an Auto Accident is Gone

A Salinas chiropractor managed to fix up my neck injury from a low speed auto accident better than actual medical doctors with years of experience treating neck and throat conditions. How is this possible? I think it’s because doctors rely to much on prescription pain killers and treatments that don’t address the core problems many with neck problems face. They have a lot of fancy equipment that can peer into your body, and they’ve got their prescription pads ready to go, but that doesn’t always fix the problems. They have a real problem fixing soft tissue injuries, and that’s where the chiropractors come in. Hiding the pain isn’t fixing the problem. In some cases, hiding the pain can cause permanent injuries because the problem isn’t getting fixed. Chiropractors know all of this and work hard to fix the underlying problem.

The one I consulted definitely fixed my problem. I was in a low speed accident and felt fine for a couple of days before I started having shooting pains in my neck. My doctors couldn’t find the problem so I went to see the chiropractor. I had a prescription for painkillers in my pocket, but never needed it after the visit to the chiropractor. They did some movements on my neck coupled with some ice packs and I walked out feeling fine. Really I’m far more inclined to go to a chiropractor first for any soft tissue injury. It’ll save me a costly visit to the doctor, that’s for sure.