I Had a Misaligned Spine

I thought that I was just feeling stressed from so much activity and chaos because of the busy work season, but it was not long before I knew that was not the reason I was feeling so exhausted and in pain. My back was hurting pretty bad, no matter what I did to make the pain go away. Pain pills did not work, and heat just brought very minimal comfort which disappeared as soon as it was removed. I decided to visit a chiropractor in Valley Village since the pain was mostly in my back, and I figured maybe that was where all my problems were originating from.

I looked at several in the area, because I honestly did not know which one to go to. I only had online reviews and their own business websites to make a judgment on, but that turned out to be all I needed. I liked everything I saw at the website for NoHo Chiro, and I felt comfortable with the bio of the doctor there. I made an appointment, and I was relieved I would not have to wait weeks to see him like I do with my regular doctor.

When I went in, it did not take long for me to fill out the normal paperwork that new patients have to take care of first. I was impressed that I was seen almost right away too, which is not the norm for the medical professionals that I visit on a regular basis. He did an examination, and then he performed the first of several adjustments that day. I went back twice a week for a month, and I feel like a completely new person now. I am sleeping better, and I no longer have pain throughout the day. It was not stress or chaos, but a misaligned spine causing me all my discomfort.