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Your Golf Clubs Buying Guide
Golf clubs are what you need to look for before anything else to ply the game. You shall find them to be instrumental in the size of your golf handicap. It is important to identify which golf clubs are the best for your golf game. There now exist those made from steel and carbon fiber in the market. The woods and irons are no longer being made from wood or iron. They are now being constructed from modern metals and alloys. When it is time to select the right golf clubs, you need to use an illustrative guide. Here is one.
you need to start with the golf club grips. This is the soft material covering the top of the shaft. It serves to help you hold onto the club, and also to determine the impact of the head on the ball. You shall find them made of rubber composite, leather, or rubber cords. Go for the one that feels comfortable and secure in your hands.
The material sued to make the shaft is also important. Those made of steel shall be strong and scratch resistant, offering good swing control. It will also not be as expensive as carbon fiber. Carbon fiber shall be lighter, and gives you some flex. It allows you to whip through, which delivers more power to the golf balls, an advantage over the steel ones. It, however, leaves you with less control. You shall also see titanium shafts, which have better vibration absorption. You need to check the length of the shaft to make sure it is suitable for your use. You can learn more about the exercise here.
You also need to check on the material used to make the heads of the golf woods. These used to be made of wood, as the name suggests, but that shifted to steel and titanium. Steel makes for the more affordable option. You shall also hear of several made of aluminum, scandium, and other metals, although they are not yet as popular.
You need to then check the head of the golf irons. If you want a more accurate hit, go for one with a larger size. They are normally made of either forged iron or cast iron. Golf wedges are designed for taking short or specialized shots. You need to go for those with steel shafts, for better control. You then need a putter when you wish to roll the ball along the ground into the pin. They are what you pay attention to the most, as they matter quite a lot to you winning the game.
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