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I Had a Misaligned Spine

I thought that I was just feeling stressed from so much activity and chaos because of the busy work season, but it was not long before I knew that was not the reason I was feeling so exhausted and in pain. My back was hurting pretty bad, no matter what I did to make the pain go away. Pain pills did not work, and heat just brought very minimal comfort which disappeared as soon as it was removed. I decided to visit a chiropractor in Valley Village since the pain was mostly in my back, and I figured maybe that was where all my problems were originating from.

I looked at several in the area, because I honestly did not know which one to go to. Continue reading

It’s Not Just Stretching and Pulling Muscles Anymore

I went to a San Rafael chiropractor recently for a chronic bad back and walked out very impressed at how much the technology to deal with muscle problems has changed over the years. I’ve had the back problems for years, even had a surgery on it about a decade ago, so I’ve been to various chiropractors over the years. Always the technique to help ease the pain would be stretches and pulling on the problem area. And for the most part that worked, but sometimes it didn’t and I would still be in pain. I thought I’d never get a permanent fix.

Then I went to this chiropractor and was met with something I’d never seen before. They used something called EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, to attack my bad back. EMS is a device that delivers low level electrical currents to the problem area in an effort to stimulate the muscles. The muscles expand and contract gently. EMS is billed as an effective means to quickly reduce muscle pain and tension. I underwent the procedure and then went home and sure enough I did feel much better than I had in a very long time.

I asked the chiropractor about this technique and was told that it’s not all that unusual these days. Apparently I’ve been visiting old school chiropractors because I’d never tried the treatment. It sure beats using icy hot or ice packs or heating pads. The chiropractor said they still use all those options as well as the stretching and pulling, but that EMS tends to help people with certain problems better than the old techniques. I’m apparently one of those people and I couldn’t be happier. I won’t ever go back to the old ways again. I’m making sure that EMS in the hands of a competent chiropractor are at the top of my list when seeking treatment.

The Neck Pain from an Auto Accident is Gone

A Salinas chiropractor managed to fix up my neck injury from a low speed auto accident better than actual medical doctors with years of experience treating neck and throat conditions. How is this possible? I think it’s because doctors rely to much on prescription pain killers and treatments that don’t address the core problems many with neck problems face. They have a lot of fancy equipment that can peer into your body, and they’ve got their prescription pads ready to go, but that doesn’t always fix the problems. They have a real problem fixing soft tissue injuries, and that’s where the chiropractors come in.Continue reading