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Do you need to know which scent suits you best? Our “fragrances” section has all the advice you need!

Maison Margiela REPLICA Under the Stars

Your complete Maison Margiela cologne guide: What to wear for every occasion

Want to smell your best? These are the Maison Margiela colognes to wear for every occasion.
Chanel package on wood table

What’s my vibe? A closer look at the best Chanel cologne options

A man reading a book

Men’s grooming: What the modern day man needs to know (from head to toe)

Cafe Rose by Tom Ford

A complete guide to Tom Ford cologne: What to wear for nights out, beach vacations, and more

Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

Scentbird vs. ScentBox – the top two fragrance subscription services rated

Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Man putting on cologne

The 7 best fragrances for men (no matter what your favorite scent profile is)

Man holding a bottle of fragrance.

How to apply cologne so you smell amazing all day

Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

A deep dive into the most popular YSL colognes — discover which one is right for you

Man in light blue sport coat kneeling

How to make a good first impression (It’s about more than just your look)

gucci buys creed to expand in luxury fragrances aventus cologne 767x633 1

Gucci owner’s acquisition of Creed signals a significant push into high-end fragrances

Build your home gym floor with the Amazon Basics floor mat tiles.

5 men’s colognes that go from work to the gym (and back again)

Man spraying on cologne

Your guide to natural fragrances for men

More fragrance brands are stepping up to serve natural men's fragrances that make you smell delicious, nourish your skin, and improve your mood.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Moms will love these incredible perfumes

Not sure how to surprise your mom on Mother's Day? Find the perfect fragrance for her in this list.
Man taking a shower outdoors in the jungle

10 environmentally friendly grooming products to use beyond Earth Day

Here are the best products you can be proud to sport this Earth Day, for more natural solutions that keep you looking your best.
Man washing his face in the bathroom.

Shake off the winter blues with a spring grooming intervention

Learn how to freshen up for spring with our top spring men's grooming tips for 2023.
indie fragrance

‘Succession’ season 4 is here — These are the fragrances your favorite characters would wear

Ever wondered what would your favorite "Succession" character spritzes on before heading into the boardroom? Find out with this surprising list.
Person spraying cologne on their neck.

5 incredible fragrances guaranteed to boost your mood and confidence

Boost your mood and your confidence with these five fragrances that will brighten your day.
man spraying fragrance

5 Men’s Fragrances that Shine All Winter Long

Whether you want to bask in the chilly darkness of winter or need something bright and floral that reminds you of the coming spring, we've got you covered.
Man holding a bottle of fragrance.

6 spots you didn’t know you could apply winter scents (that aren’t on your body)

Layers of winter clothes shouldn't cover up your cologne. Here's how to get the most out of those fantastic scents, even when you're bundled up.

It’s the Year of the Rabbit: Change your routine with these intriguing fragrances

Ring in the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit with these six unexpected fragrances.
cabin in the woods men's home fragrances

10 Products To Help Your Home Smell Like a Cabin in the Woods

When urban life gets you down, make your home smell like a cabin in the woods with these cedar and campfire scents. Bring the outdoors in with these products.
best mens cologne tm ga 2021 bestcologne categorybadgecategory badges

7 Incredible Men’s Colognes to Give and Receive

We’ve rounded up the best colognes to gift and get in 2022.
best oil diffusers for men

The 9 Best Oil Diffusers for Establishing a Sense of Calm at Home

Life can get rough, and sometimes, you just need the best essential oil diffusers for 2021 to help you establish a mood-boosting home environment.
best scented candles for men 2020

10 Best Candles for Men 2022: From Pine-Scented to Pirate-Inspired

If you haven't gotten yourself a candle by now, have you ever really lived? Candles not only freshen your pad, but can surround you in a literal scent scape. Looking for the best scented candles for men? Your search stops here.
demeter fragrance library natural mens cologne tomato 1 oz hero 2017

Demeter Fragrance Library May Be the Natural Solution to Cheap Colognes

The Demeter Fragrance Library offers up scent collections that are modeled on real things, including dirt, grass, and more.
woodsy cologne

Trade in Your Woodsy Cologne for these 5 Smokey Scents

These smokey fragrances aren't your typical woodsy colognes. They capture more of the realness of fire and less of the wood that goes into it.
old school grooming products

Throw it Back with These Old School Grooming Products

Mix up your modern routine with this collection of old school grooming products and classic heritage brands.
Perry Ellis fragrance aaron Diaz Campaign

Aarón Díaz Partners Up for Stylish New Perry Ellis Fragrance for Men

Noted actor Aarón Díaz is the face of a subtle, yet stylish, new Perry Ellis fragrance that mirrors the brand's approach to modern menswear
Acqua di Parma Miami

First Acqua di Parma Boutique and Barbershop Opens in Miami

Acqua di Parma has finally graced the U.S. with its first stand-alone boutique: Acqua Di Parma Miami. Stop by for a luxurious grooming experience.
mood boosting scents bottlesfeat

Stock Up on Mood-Boosting Scents to Get Through Winter

Immersing yourself in mood-boosting scents, like lemon and fresh mown grass, might be just the thing to snap you out of that grey-for-days funk.
Best Holiday Candles

6 Holiday Candles That Don’t Smell Terrible

If your idea of a holiday candle brings to mind the cloying aromas of Yankee Candle monstrosities, then consider giving these best holiday candles a try.
Art of Shaving cologne

The Art of Shaving is Getting Into the Fragrance Game

Specialists in maintaining facial hair and taking off said fuzz, The Art of Shaving introducing its new The Art of Shaving Cologne line.
indie fragrance

Two new indie fragrance’s you should know about

We profile two new indie fragrances for gents to consider this fall
clean fragrances

Stay Fresh With CLEAN Fragrances

CLEAN fragrances aren’t just your run of the mill colognes. These innovative scents are inspired by old-fashioned freshness. Think warm cotton, rain, & air.
solid cologne

Travel Smart With Beardbrand’s New Solid Colognes

Solid cologne is the key to smelling great while on the road. Beard care brand Beardbrand’s new collection of solid colognes make great travel companions.
remembering great experiences with a scent the cape

Remembering Great Experiences with a Great Scent

marinate in a new trio of fragrances inspired by booze robert graham blended essences 2

Marinate in a New Trio of Fragrances Inspired by Booze

scent your home to prevent cabin fever until spring finally arrives feat 2

Scent Your Home to Prevent Cabin Fever Until Spring Finally Arrives

you need this filson x juniper ridge candle in your life 2

You Need This Filson x Juniper Ridge Candle in Your Life

viva le labo

Viva Le Labo!

Le Labo is ready to launch their newest fragrance, THÉ NOIR 29. The unisex cologne is an ode to the noble leaf and the craft that surrounds it.
these five indie fragrances may give you the travel bug cologne

These Five Indie Fragrances May Give You the Travel Bug

best five travel-inspired fragrances
Nacho Polo

Nacho Figueras Prefers Ponies to Fast Cars and Other Unsurprising Revelations

Polo star Nacho Figueras Talks About Horses, Cars and Fragrance
stock up on whiskey scented wares feature

Stock Up on Whiskey Scented Wares

Grooming Products Inspired by Whiskey
Tom Ford noir extreme

Tom Ford’s Got Us Covered with Noir Extreme

Choosing a fragrance or cologne can be a very personal and sometimes overwhelming experience, but we can always trust Tom Ford.
how to smell good juniper ridge knife

How to Smell Like a Burly, Forest-Dwelling He-Man

The folks at Juniper Ridge know a lot about how to smell good. Their scents will take you on an olfactory journey to the wilderness of the American West.
smell like fall farmers cologne

Smell Like Fall: Farmer’s Cologne

Smell like fall without rolling around in a pile of leaves with Farmer's Cologne from Portland General Store
Throwback favorites

Throwback Fragrance Favorites

old cold picks fall for

Out With The Old, In With The Cold: Our Picks For Fall

It's that time of the year again when we have to say so long to your favorite raggedy tee shirt, those tragically torn up flip-flops (please throw them away already - your closet will thank you). Put away those well worn shorts and start thinking about some more seasonably appropriate options. The Manual has compiled a list of 'Fall friendly' items you should consider picking up before the crispy cold front sets in. Out with the old, and in the with the cold.
perry ellis launches namesake fragrance

Perry Ellis Launches New Fragrance

For the first time in three years Perry Ellis, the cool and preppy sportswear line is launching a new scent that is the perfect transitional cologne.