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How much do you really know about your favorite brands? In this series, we interview the leaders of our favorite up-and-coming brands to find out what they do, how they’re doing it, and what makes their brands and products different.

Tiquette Bramlett standing.

Our Legacy Harvested Is Diversifying the Wine Scene

Thanks to organizations like Our Legacy Harvested, the wine industry is changing for the better, and more black and indigenous voices are being heard.
Equiano Rum bottles.

Equiano Rum Teams Up With Equality Projects To Give Back

Sierra Nevada Dankful IPA.

Here’s How the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Gives Back

adrian grenier discusses ocean conservation final

Actor Adrian Grenier Talks Ocean Conservation and Gift Giving

Santa Teresa Project Alcatraz rugby team.

How Santa Teresa Rum Distillery Teaches Life Skills and Rugby

The November, 2020 'Ride 4 Justice' from LIFE Camp Inc., an organization supported by Tom Shoes. The group provides tools for at-risk, violence-impacted youth in underserved New York City communities.

Take a Look at the Companies Who Served Good on Giving Tuesday

Customers wearing the DIOP Top made from ankara fabric.

Apparel Brand Diop Crafts African Diaspora-Inspired Streetwear That Cares

brands giving back cascadian outfitters lgbtq  2

Cascadian Outfitters Is Giving Back to the LGBTQ+ Community

Helen Rose Skincare model posing and smiling.

Meet Helen Rose Skincare: A Brand That’s Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors

brands giving back ten barrel brewing 2  brewery

This Beloved Oregonian Brewery Wants To Preserve America’s Essential Watersheds

brands giving back goodpluck detroit basket farmers

Goodpluck: Helping Small Farms in Detroit Achieve Big Things

brands giving back tall grass food box derrick gabrielle gerald

Tall Grass Food Box: How a Fresh Produce Subscription Supports Black Farmers

brands giving back clove shoes frontline healthcare workers

Clove Shoes Wants to Show Nurses in a New Light

Clove shoes are specially designed for the rigors of the nursing profession, which represents a massive and still-growing part of the U.S.
brands giving back think coffee social projects

From Commodity to Community: The Think Coffee Story

Think Coffee is trying to change the world one bag of coffee at a time. Find out how.
brands giving back wyoming whiskey national park foundation bottle edition

Wyoming Whiskey is Partnering with The National Parks Foundation

Wyoming Whiskey is giving back to the National Parks it loves and is defined by, through a tasty new small-batch release.
brands giving back lunar hard selzter seltzer

This Asian-Inspired Hard Seltzer Brand is Supporting the AAPI Community

Lunar is bringing delicious Asian-inspired drinks to the hard seltzer scene and supporting the AAPI community en route.
Timberline Vodka Bottle

How Hood River Distillers is Giving Back to the Environment

With its new Timberline Vodka, Hood River Distillers is giving back to the environment, with the help of an iconic lodge and an environmental organization.
Geodesy WG Women

Geodesy Wine: How this Winery is Giving Back to Women

Geodesy Wine, founded by longtime industry leader Judy Jordan, is arming the next generation of women agriculture workers with the tools they need.
brands giving back open gym chef phillip esteban craft meals healthy

OpenGym: Chef Phillip Esteban is Delivering Meals with Sustainability in Mind

OpenGym is a non-profit organization providing meals to underprivileged communities across San Diego.
brands giving back hairstory studio salon products

How Hairstory is Giving Back to Salons and the Planet

A growing number of companies are putting eco-friendly hair care products on the map. And that’s exactly what Hairstory is doing.
brands giving back krost new york nyc support your friends

Why KROST, a Mission-Driven Streetwear Brand, Is the Future of Fashion

KROST’s collections have launched in partnership with non-profit organizations addressing causes including gun reform, climate change, and societal injustices.
brands giving back the sip society champagne subscription

Meet The Sip, A Champagne Subscription Service That’s Making Wine More Inclusive

Best friends and champagne lovers Erica Davis and Catherine Carter help you discover champagne with the creation of their sparkling subscription service, The Sip Society.
United by Blue cleanup

Why United By Blue, An Outdoor Clothing Brand, Wants Your Local Waterway’s Trash

United By Blue is a sustainably made clothing brand and its collective efforts for a plastic-free life has netted more than 3.5 million pounds of trash. It continues to pledge that for every product sold, one pound of trash will be removed from local waterways.
Waka Coffee Founder David Kovalevski

Waka Coffee Combats Water Waste with Its Add Water Give Water Campaign

Waka Coffee not only makes tasty instant coffee, it looks to give back through its Add Water, Give Water campaign.
brands giving back harlem hops craft beer bar founders

How Harlem Hops, a Craft Beer Bar, is Giving Back to Harlem Students

Founders Kim Harris, Stacey Lee, and Kevin Bradford, founded a craft beer bar called Harlem Hops that supports black-owned businesses. They also provide some Harlem students with a scholarship through their Harlem Hopes foundation.
brands giving back fazl socks 1

How Fazl Socks Gives Back to Children’s Homes in India

Much like the distinctive and whimsical prints of FAZL designs, Mike Gunn and Vanessa Tse's journey to start FAZL is a unique tale like no other.
brands giving back our place cookware

How Our Place, a Cookware Brand, Empowers Artisans and Encourages Social Justice

Our Place's deep commitment to artisans, ensure their products are made from thoughtful and responsible materials. And this cookware brand is going beyond to fight for social justice.