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Need to know the best foods for magnesium? What about the best supplements for you? We’ve got you covered! Everything you ever wanted to know about nutrition is right here on The Manual.

Making a protein shake

How much protein do you really need? Here’s how to calculate it

We all know protein is important, but how much protein do you need to eat? Find out here.
Fish fillets, chicken meat, and red meat on top of distressed white cutting boards along with nuts, cheese, dairy, and eggs.

Want to know how to build muscle? A doctor says you should eat these foods

keto diet thanksgiving recipes rustic thankgiving dinner

We love these Keto diet Thanksgiving recipes from a professional chef

a bird's eye view of a dinner table

How to lose belly fat: Thanksgiving food swaps that won’t derail your fitness goals

A blue bowl of cranberries

Cranberries are great for your health: RDs reveal how to add them to your diet this winter

High-fiber vegetables

Need constipation relief? Add these food and drink items to your diet today

Healthy anti-inflammatory foods

Salmon, coconut oil, chia seeds, and more: The best foods to fight inflammation

Lean meat with vegetables

Stop ordering DoorDash: Healthy dinner ideas and tips when you work 40+ hours a week

a bowl of oatmeal with a grilled pear

Oatmeal is the secret to better sleep (and you’re going to love this hack)

Three meals in glass containers

This one simple healthy food trick may get you to eat better more often

Cut open cayenne pepper

The surprising health benefits of cayenne pepper

Bowls of bone broth on a tray

How to break a fast – the best foods to eat

Ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks

The benefits of cinnamon, and why you should be eating more of it

There are many benefits of cinnamon that include reducing the risk of heart disease and regulating blood sugar.
Air-popped popcorn in a bowl

Got the munchies? Good healthy snacks don’t have to be boring

You don't have to give up tasty snacks just because you're trying to eat healthy. Check out some of our favorite healthier snacks.

How to lose belly fat: Eating these 10 foods more often will help a lot

Have stubborn belly fat? This is how to lose belly fat with a few tweaks to your diet.
a plate of salmon with red garnish and limes in background

What your anti-inflammatory diet is missing, according to registered dietitians

An RD explains which foods are best for your anti-inflammatory diet, and why you should eat them regularly.
Containers of different gummy candy

Ultra-processed foods are seriously unhealthy (and these are the items hiding in your pantry you didn’t realize you should avoid)

Want to build a healthy diet? Ditch these ultra-processed foods.
Pouring coconut aminos in clear glass bowl

The benefits of coconut aminos, the soy-free alternative to soy sauce

The real benefits of coconut aminos — a better soy sauce, too?
Ribeye steaks, raw

Everything you need to know about the Lion Diet

Fad, or functional? Here's everything you need to know about the Lion Diet
Scale with measuring tape on top

How to lose belly fat fast: Your daily checklist

So many products promise they're the best way to lose belly fat, but this is the routine you should follow to get the job done.
Man and woman eating healthy

Yes, you can practice mindfulness with your diet, too: Mindful eating tips anyone can stick to

For some, mindfulness stops when its time to eat. These tips will help you practice mindful eating to stay healthy and grounded.
Spaghetti squash in a pile

Spaghetti squash: Your new favorite low-carb fall vegetable swap

Spaghetti squash is something many pass by at the grocery store, but we've got a ton of reasons you should pick one up next time.
Pieces of dark chocolate bars

Stay fit this Halloween: An RD tells us which treats will help you avoid the dreaded holiday-season weight gain

Halloween treats don't have to be delicious, diet-ruining candies! An RD tells us which treats you should (and shouldn't) eat during Hallowwen
Fast food

The 5 worst foods for bodybuilding, according to a doctor

If you're looking to bulk up, check out these tips to learn more about how alcohol, high-sodium foods, and other foods could hinder muscle growth.
Blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries in the same container

Study: 25% of people cancel out healthy eating with snacks (but you can fix that by doing this one thing)

Learn how snacking can ruin your diet and cancel out healthy habits.
Tea kettle and a cup of green tea

How to increase metabolism: This Japanese technique is simple and effective

Want to activate your metabolism? This is why you should drink green tea.
Pumpkin coffee by a computer

Is your pumpkin spice latte actually healthy? An expert weighs in on the fall favorite

From the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte to fan-favorite pumpkin spice cookies and cakes, it's hard to escape the flavor. Is pumpkin spice nice for the body?
Chia seeds, flaxseeds, and others

Chia seeds, cranberries, flaxseed & more: Report highlights why you need to be careful when eating some superfoods

Chia seeds and other superfoods are great, but not if you have a food sensitivity.
Weight loss scale

How to lose weight this fall – 5 food tips from an expert

While many people are tempted to cut calories, Our expert notes that eating too little is actually counterproductive, forcing the body to hold on to weight.
man drinking water outside

Electrolytes are important: Your complete guide to buying electrolyte powder

You know you need more electrolytes, and electrolyte powder is a great way to get electrolytes - but how do you pick a good powder?
Chocolate collagen powder shake

How to use collagen powder in your daily diet routine

We have several creative, tasty ways to include collagen powder in your daily diet routine — and no, it's not just a bunch of smoothies.
Banana and berry smoothie

Smoothie recipes tips and tricks: Make your life easier (and make better smoothies) with these simple insights

Smoothie recipes are easy to come by, but our tips and tricks will help you create your own magical concoctions
Raw steak on cutting board

The carnivore diet: Is it right for you?

The carnivore diet is wildly popular, but is it right for you? We get into the pros and cons of the carnviore diet.
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is overrated – here’s how to make healthier pumpkin spice coffee drinks at home

Tired of going to Starbucks? We don't blame you. Here's how to make your own pumpkin spice coffee drinks at home.
Healthy foods and groceries

Healthy eating on a budget: 9 tips for making your groceries go further

Healthy eating can get expensive — but not if you follow these great tips.
Young man eating salmon fillet with gratinated potatoes, leek and spinach in the restaurant with glass of white wine

The best foods to reduce gray hair and male pattern baldness, according to registered dietitians

No man wants to see his hair go gray, or worse - disappear completely. These foods fight gray hair and male pattern baldness.
Tomatoes on vine in bowl

The tomato is a delicious and versatile food, and it has some pretty impressive health benefits, too

There are plenty of health benefits of tomatoes. This is what you need to know about tomato nutrition.
Spoon full of stevia with a raspberry on top

Increase energy throughout your day with the glycemic index

A low glycemic diet can improve your energy levels and daily routine. This is what you need to know.
Fruit wrapped in measuring tape

The 5 lowest-calorie foods on earth

Calories are the currency of energy for our bodies. Understanding the caloric content of the foods you consume is essential to monitoring your eating habits.
Table of healthy foods in small bowls

These are the signs you have a healthy metabolism (and when you should worry)

These signs tell you if you have a healthy metabolism, and when to worry if your metabolism isn't so healthy after all.
A bowl of a keto-friendly dish on a table.

You’ve reached a weight loss plateau: Is fat fasting the fix you’ve been looking for?

There's nothing more aggravating than reaching a weight loss plateau. We discuss what fat fasting is and how to determine if it can help you lose weight.
A close-up of watermelon slices.

The benefits of watermelon as a post-workout recovery food

The benefits of watermelon are great reasons to add this fruit to your post-workout routine. Let's cut this melon's secrets open and see why it's a super fruit.

The golden wonder of flax: How to eat flaxseed for health and vitality

There are different types of ways you can enjoy the benefits of flaxseed. Find the way that suits your tastes with this guide on how to consume flaxseed.

Is erythritol harmful? What a dietitian says recent data means for your keto diet

We asked Dan LeMoine, RD, and Clinical Director at Phoenix-based Re:vitalize Nutrition about erythritol, including its benefits and potential health risks.
Man with bloated tummy.

Wondering how to get rid of bloating? The best foods to beat belly bloat

Try these tasty and nutritious suggestions for how to get rid of bloating and get your gut health back in order.
Red apple with measuring tape around it

Can an OMAD diet help you with weight loss? What you need to know

OMAD dieting is popular, but can it lead to weight loss? We research and report
Mookie Betts playing baseball

MLB star Mookie Betts travels with his own portable kitchen so he can eat healthy no matter where he goes

MLB star Mookie Betts travels with a portable kitchen so he can eat right anywhere he goes
Gluten free cereals corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, pasta and flour with scratched text gluten on brown wooden background,overhead horizontal view

The pros and cons of a gluten-free diet, according to an expert

The gluten-free diet is trendy, but is it good for you? An RD weighs in.
Salmon entree

The Mediterranean diet: Everything you need to know about everyone’s favorite diet

Are you looking for a new diet to follow in 2023? Try the Mediterranean diet to enjoy its many benefits!
an acv shot on table

Apple cider vinegar: Should you really be taking shots of this pungent potion?

Apple cider vinegar is one of those things people swear by - but should you really be drinking it? We discuss




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