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Want to know how to get the gains you want? Need to know which gyms are best? We’ve got everything you need to know!

A man bouldering.

Bouldering: A beginner’s guide to this full-body workout

Bouldering is a lower-stakes version of rock climbing that's a fun, full-body workout, and requires little in the way of gear.
A man doing sumo squats in a park.

The ultimate calisthenics workout plan for stronger legs

Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

9 key arm workouts for your biceps and triceps

Man in yoga pose outside

4 yoga poses to build core strength you can do anywhere

Peloton landing page for beginners.

These are the best Peloton classes for beginners

yoga class side bend seated on mats

What is hot yoga? Why this should become your new winter workout

Man practicing yoga and meditation at home. A series of yoga poses. Lifestyle concept.

These are the best yoga poses to add to your bedtime routine for better sleep

A man skis on a clear run, with mountains and trees behind him.

Snow is falling: These 7 workouts will get you ready for skiing and snowboarding in no time

man holding weights outside

New study says this is the best time of day to exercise if you want to lose weight

Man stretching his hamstrings

How to build leg strength: The 15 best hamstring exercises

Lifting weights with spotter

Burn fat while gaining muscle: Weight training for weight loss

Man using rowing machine for fitness.

8 reasons why a rowing machine needs to be part of your workout routine

Horizontal view of man's folded hands while doing pilates

8 great Pilates workouts to keep you tight, toned, and feeling your best

These Pilates workouts can be done just about anywhere, require no equipment, and will keep you in great shape.
Jake Lott performing pallof press using a resistance band in a gym.

Expert reveals the best way to build muscle with resistance bands

A personal trainer explains how to build muscle with resistance bands.
Man doing Pilates with yoga blocks.

Hot yoga, core power yoga, and more: 8 yoga variations to help you increase strength and flexibility

Hot yoga, core power yoga, vinyasa yoga - which yoga variation is right for you? We dive into the top variations
Box jump exercise

9 benefits of doing plyometrics workouts no matter how fit you are

There are many fitness benefits of plyometrics. Find out why you should start plyometric training today.
Scale with measuring tape on top

How to lose belly fat fast: Your daily checklist

So many products promise they're the best way to lose belly fat, but this is the routine you should follow to get the job done.
Man riding stationary bike and man running on a treadmill

Does the stationary bike or treadmill provide a better workout?

Is a stationary bike or treadmill better for your home gym? Let's find out!
Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

Resistance bands for arm workouts: How to boost your fitness game

Check out these six essential resistance band exercises for your next arm day.
Silhouette yoga pose on a clifftop

The history of yoga: How it started, and how it’s going

Have you ever wondered where yoga came from, and how it became so popular? We delve into yoga past, present, and future.
A man using a kettlebell to exercise in the living room.

11 killer 10-minute workouts to transform your fitness routine

Here are some of the best quick workouts for those days when you're super busy but still want to sweat.
Man using Pilates reformer.

Pilates at home vs. at the studio: Which is the best option for you? We help you decide

Should you do pilates at home, or find a studio? We help you decide which option is best
Stationary exercise bikes

Are stationary bikes or spin bikes better for reaching your goals?

Stationary bikes and spin bikes are both popular cardio equipment, but which is a better workout? Find out here as we examine spin bikes vs. stationary bikes.
Man watching workout video.

The best workouts for beginners: Your cardio and strength training plan

Try these cardio and strength training workouts if you are new to fitness.
Boxing gloves sitting on the floor of the boxing ring.

The best boxing workout to help you train like a fighter

Boxing requires strength, speed, power, and endurance. Find the best exercises and workouts for boxers and people who just want to train like boxers.
Man doing plank outside

These are the best chest workouts for a toned body

Not interested in bulking up? These are the chest exercises for a toned body.
man doing rolling like a ball

Pilates vs. yoga: Which is right for you?

Pilates and yoga are not the same, but have a lot in common. Here, we go through the similarities and differences, and tell you which may be best for you
a man holding a green yoga mat

3 of our favorite beginner-friendly pilates moves

Looking to get started with a Pilates routine? We've got three moves that can get you started and feeling results immediately
A man doing glute bridges

These incredible leg workouts don’t include any squats or lunges

Having strong legs can help improve posture, circulation, and your overall quality of life. Try these seven leg workouts for stronger, more toned legs.
Man using a teal resistance band outside

6 effective resistance band workouts to tone your triceps

Resistance bands are great: They tone without adding bulk. These are our favorite resistance band workouts for toning your triceps.
Man doing burpees

Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? These 5 exercises offset a day of sitting at your desk

A sedentary lifestyle isn't good for your health, but you don't have to quit your desk job. These five easy workouts will balance sitting all day.
Person with knee pain.

Knee pain doesn’t mean the end of your workout routine — here’s what to do

Knee pain and knee injuries can hamper our workout routine. These are the exercises you need to know.
Sporty man training on walking treadmill at home

TikTok just found out what a walking pad is, and it’s going viral. Do you need one, though? We help you decide

TikTok just found out what a walking pad is, and it's suddenly all the rage. Should you get a walking pad, though? We help you decide
Man doing abs crunches exercise, fitness workout at gym.

The best lower ab workouts to help you achieve V-cut abs

Lower ab exercises help build a strong core, which is critical for overall athletic performance and looking even better in the mirror.
A toned man standing shirtless

7 incredible core exercises to lose belly fat

These core workouts will serve as a useful piece to your game plan for losing belly fat. We tell you exactly how to do the best ab exercises.
man with yellow kettlebell squatting

7 essential glutes exercises for runners (and 3 stretches)

The glutes are essential for running – and preventing injury. These glute exercises for runners will power your training.

A new cardio workout, incline walking, is all the rage on TikTok – but is it any good?

TikTok is saying incline walking, a new type of cardio workout, is a game changer - but is it?
Man flexing his back and shoulders.

4 great back exercises that require no equipment, only your body weight

Back exercises don't need to be weighted! These bodyweight exercises are great for toning and strengthening your back.
Man treadmill running

TikTok thinks ‘cozy cardio’ is a thing – but is it? We find out

TikTok thinks there's such a thing as "cozy cardio" — but is there? We dive in and find out.
Man doing quad exercises at home.

10 effective quad exercises you can do at home

You don't need access to a gym to strengthen your quads. Find the best at-home quad exercises here that require minimal to no equipment.
Man and woman on stationary bikes.

The 10 grueling CrossFit workouts that will haunt your dreams

Take a look at the top ten killer CrossFit workouts to include in your routine to maximize your overall results.
a man swinging a kettlebell by a blue sky

5 fantastic kettlebell workouts for beginners to build full-body strength

Kettlebell workouts are fantastic for overall health; this is how you can get started.
Workout app on a phone with running shoes

Get help getting fit: The 16 best workout apps for men

Finding time to hit the gym or take a class can be tough when life happens. So here are the best workout apps of 2023 to help you dominate this year.
Man in water aerobics class.

Need a low impact workout? Why you should consider water aerobics

Learn about the various water aerobics classes you can try, as well as who may benefit the most from this form of exercise.
Shirtless man exercising on a trail outdoors.

How to get in shape in 30 days: The ultimate guide

Wanting to see how you can transform your physique in only 30 days? Read on to discover our recommended tips.
Man playing VR fitness game with Oculus

Check out these fun fitness apps for the best virtual reality workouts

There are multiple virtual reality fitness apps to help you get fit while you play. Learn about the best VR fitness apps here.
man with diastisis recti.

9 effective core exercises for men dealing with diastasis recti

Diastasis recti can affect men, too. Learn about the nine best diastasis recti exercises for men to add to your routine.
Man doing pistol squat.

7 mobility exercises to strengthen your joints and increase your range of motion

Do you want to improve your mobility? Make these seven exercises part of your routine.
A man with strong lats.

The ultimate lat guide for building your strongest back ever

Strong lats are functionally important for pull-ups, swimming, and even deadlifts. Here are the best lats exercises.
Man using tire crossfit workout

A beginner’s guide to AMRAP workouts that get results

AMRAP workouts, which stand for as many reps as possible, are challenging but can boost your fitness. Find the best AMRAP workouts here.




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