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Record-breaking rides and cool new concepts, supercars represent the latest innovations in the automotive industry – and the vehicles we drive in our dreams. We’ll keep you up to speed on all the important supercar news.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Coupe

The 9 fastest cars in the world right now

With top speeds above 200 mph, these are the fastest cars in the world. Most of them have confirmed top-speed runs, making them the kings of speed.
1991 Acura NSX

The first gen Acura NSX: A supercar daily driver

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini: What you need to know about these iconic brands

Lamborghini Auténtica front end angle parked in the middle of a windy road with clouds in the back.

These are Lamborghini’s final V12-powered supercars

These are the 5 fastest electric cars in the world right now

Ferrari 812 Superfast Review

Ferrari 812 Superfast Review: A Down-To-Earth Supercar

Gordon Murray T.50 Hypercar

Gordon Murray T.50 Is a V12-Powered Sequel to the Legendary McLaren F1

lamborghini essenza scv12 hypercar 8

Lamborghini’s Mental, Track-Only Essenza SCV12 Is an Ode to the V12 Engine

Ferrari’s F8 Spider

A Trip in Ferrari’s F8 Spider to Malibu, California is the Ultimate Destination Detox

Supercar Capsule

Turn Your Ride into an Artistic Display with Supercar Capsule

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder

The Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder Is the Sound of Fury in a Quieting World


Koenigsegg’s New Family-Friendly Gemera Is a 1,700-Horsepower Electric Hypercar

lafitte x road 720 horsepower supercar laffite 1

Laffite’s Supercharged X-Road Is a 720-Horsepower All-Terrain Supercar

There are pavement-friendly supercars, and there are off-road-ready beasts. It’s a rare vehicle indeed that combines the capabilities of both. LA-based Laffite Supercars is promising that its newly announced, limited-edition Laffite X-Road will do just that.
mclaren elva supercar 11538 with m1a mk i

All-New 804HP Elva Supercar Is Impressive, Even by McLaren Standards

From the 300-mile-per-hour Bugatti Chiron to the all-electric, 2,000-horsepower Lotus Evija, there’s now a growing list of elite autos vying for your discretionary income. All of which is why McLaren is stepping up its game with the all-new, open-cockpit Elva, a supercar that demands to be noticed.
Ferrari Portofino Tailor Made

How I Spent (Imaginary) $398,000 Designing a Custom Ferrari

If you've ever wanted a custom Ferrari, now is your chance. All you need to do is head to the Ferrari store in New York City and drop around $400,000. No big deal, right?
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Coupe

Watch This Bugatti Chiron Shatter a World Speed Record at More Than 300 MPH

Despite Einstein’s silly “scientific” assertions, the world’s best car manufacturers seem determined to unlock faster-than-light travel. From the Veyron to the Chiron, Bugatti has been leading the charge, breaking world record after world record. Last month, the company did the unthinkable.
aston martin custom garage

Give Your Hypercar the Garage It Deserves with a Custom Aston Martin Lair

Aston Martin has unveiled their Galleries and Lairs project, a way for people to custom-design garages for their hypercars.
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Reveal

The All-New 2021 Corvette Stingray Is a Mid-Engine Supercar for the Everyman

Corvette fans have long clamored for the mid-engine layout that legendary Chevrolet designer Zora Arkus-Duntov envisioned more than 50 years ago. Now, that elusive design is finally here, and the 2021 Corvette Stingray promises to be a game-changer -- for under $60,000.
lotus evija electric hypercar 10

Lotus Unleashes an Absurd, 2,000-Horsepower All-Electric Hypercar

For decades, Lotus seemed one failed model away from fading into obscurity. That it hadn’t released a new car in more than a decade only seemed to be further proof. This month, the British automaker dropped a bombshell in the form of an all-new, all-electric hypercar monster.
lamborghini huracan sterrato concept off road superar huraca  n concepthuraca concept8

The Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato Shows Us What an Off-Road Supercar Would Look Like

The Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato transfers supercar technologies and engineering to a frame designed to conquer more rugged environments, pulling from earlier models to form a concept car that goes farther off the map.
National Corvette Museum

What It’s Like to Drive the 755-Horsepower Corvette ZR1 on a Racetrack When You’re Not a Racecar Driver

Would a $120,000 American-made sports car be all that much fun compared to a $300,000 Ferrari 488 or an equally expensive GTC4Lusso? Well, yes, as it turns out.
lamborghini huracan performante spyder review feature

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Review

The Huracan Performante Spyder is every bit as weaponized as its fixed-roof counterpart, but removes any baffle between the car's 5.2-liter V10 engine note and passenger ears. Driving it is like having your own personal anger translator made famous from 'Key & Peele.'
McLaren GT Grand Tourer 2019

The Recently Revealed McLaren GT is a Road Trip-Ready Supercar

The luxury British automaker finally unveiled the McLaren GT, its first-ever grand tourer (GT) model. The ride is intended for the road instead of the racetrack. Here's everything we know.
Exotics Racing police

Chase Exotic Supercars on this Insane Police Car Drifting Ride-Along

The aptly named Supercar Drifting Ride-Along Experience at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas dials the “ordinary” supercar driving experience up to 11
LEGO McLaren Senna

This Life-Size LEGO McLaren Senna is Almost Cooler than the Real Supercar

LEGO re-created the $958,966 limited-release McLaren Senna supercar, a street-legal machine that reaches 60mph in 2.7 seconds, as a 467,854-piece, life-size toy. And it's awesome.
2020 ginetta akula supercar geneva debut 3

Ginetta’s Akula Supercar Is a Bloodthirsty, Street-Legal Racing Machine

U.K.-based boutique automaker Ginetta debuted its street-legal 2020 Akula supercar at the Geneva Motor Show. The predatory 200-mph car is a full-throttle attack machine inspired by sharks and submarines.
luxury car maker pagani teamed up with performance footwear piloti for an over the top boot collaboration x 11

Luxury Car Maker Pagani Teamed Up with Performance Footwear Maker Piloti for an Over-the-Top Boot Collaboration

Piloti, a Canadian maker of high-performance footwear for driving, collaborated with Pagani Automobili to create The Roadster Driving Boot — because an expensive, beautiful car deserves to be driven with expensive, beautiful boots.
2022 mclaren 570s spider review 2019 miles branman feature

The 2022 McLaren 570S Spider Offers More Than Just Mind-Blowing Stats

The 2022 McLaren 570S Spider is a 562-horsepower convertible, yet it's what the numbers can't tell you about this dazzling supercar that makes it a driver's delight.
supercar owners circle most elite car club mclaren 720s v2

The Supercar Owners Circle Is the World’s Most Elite Car Club

Get-togethers for most car clubs involve drivers of a dozen classic Corvettes gathering at the local burger shack to talk chrome and customizations. For one-percenters, however, there’s a club so elite that only auto aficionados with the most exclusive garages are allowed inside: Supercar Owners Circle.
yacht support

Yacht Support Builds Toy-Hauling Satellite Yachts for Your Superyacht

Superyachts are nice, but most lack necessary storage for all the fun toys most well-heeled gentlemen are likely to travel with. Enter Yacht Support, a niche marine builder that designs satellite yachts to haul an entire arsenal of land & sea toys anywhere you need to take your “mothership.”
how to maximize your mini moon ideas aston martin dbs superleggera miles wedding photo 1

How to Rent an Awesome Ride For Your Wedding

The list of to do’s when planning a wedding is almost overwhelming, but not all have to be daunting. While not as important as a well-tailored suit or dazzling dress, the getaway car and/or honeymoon transportation is an opportunity to show some class.
aprilia rsv4 1100 17 horsepower superbike news factory con biaggi 2

Aprilia Teases a 217-Horsepower Superbike Dubbed the RSV4 1100

The horsepower wars we’ve seen in the automotive world have spread to the motorcycle realm. Not only have motorcycles become more agile, but they’ve been infused with the same weapons-grade ballistics. Case in point: Aprilia’s 217-horsepower RSV4 1100 superbike, which will debut at EICMA 2018.
McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Reintroduces a Three-Seater Supercar with the Speedtail

Not only did the McLaren F1 perform, but it also gave owners the opportunity to bring along a second passenger. Even though the F1’s three seats were popular, the arrangement didn’t return — until now. You and your two best friends can hit 186 mph in 12.8 seconds together in the new McLaren Speedtail.
Audi R8 Spyder

Audi Sharpens the Already Well-Appointed R8 Supercar

Though the next generation will likely see the engine’s demise, Audi isn’t ready to let the R8 go quietly into the night just yet. Check out the latest update to this impressive supercar.
2019 Ford GT

Ford Caves to Demand and Slates Even More GT Supercars for Production

Ford decided that, with so much interest in the Ford GT, why not pump out more GTs, especially considering each carries a whopping $450,000 a pop price tag? Now, Ford is continuing the gravy train and offering another batch of Le Mans-derived supercars.
Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX Review: Is It a Super Car?

The 2017 Acura NSX has the performance and price of a supercar, but does it have the wow-factor? To find out, we gauged the reactions of everyday observers.
mclaren 720 s track pack

McLaren Debuts Not-Quite Senna-Challenging Track Pack for the 720S

McLaren has outfitted the McLaren 720S with a weigh-reducing, not-quite Senna-challenging track pack that goes heavy on the carbon fiber to make the supercar extra-light. How much weight reduction is included and how much extra does it all cost? Read on to find out.
1980 Ferrari 308 GTSI

Jazz Legend Miles Davis’ Ferrari 308 Heads to Auction

Own a piece of music and automotive history, with Miles Davis' Ferrari 308 GTSi, which is up for auction now via with eBay and Beverly Hills Car Club. A portion of the proceeds will help the Grammy Foundation.
Aston Martin 003 Hypercar Concept

Aston Martin Confirms Third Hypercar Code-Named the 003

Aston Martin's Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro will be getting a sibling with the announcement of the company's next hypercar, dubbed the 003. Here's everything we know about the mysterious new project.
Ferrari Monza SP1

Ferrari Is Seriously Going to Build 2 Windshield-Less V12 Supercars

Ferrari has revealed a pair of open-top, windshield-less production cars that are powered by V12 engines and will sell for $2 Million. The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 represent a modern take on classic 750 and 860 Monza racers.
lego bugatti chiron 22

This Life-Size LEGO Bugatti Chiron Is Actually Driveable

The LEGO Technic division built a life-size Bugatti Chiron that not only looks exactly like the iconic luxury hypercar, but has a fully-LEGO engine that actually drives. Racing legend Andy Wallace tested the LEGO Chiron on the track.
SSC Tuatara

SSC Reintroduces the Tuatara, the Fastest Hypercar Ever (Potentially)

Recall 2011. It was a simpler time and the hypercar segment was just taking shape. Manufacturer SSC aimed to claim the market with its Tuatara, but disappeared. Now it's back and ready to give Bugatti a run for its money.
bugatti divo

The Bugatti Divo is a Heavyweight Hypercar Designed for the Track

Coming off the heels of the launch of the Chiron, Bugatti is readying a second, even more exclusive model that promises to be lighter and agiler with more downforce. It's called the Bugatti Divo and we got a closert look at Monterey Car Week 2018.
Lamoborghini Aventador SVJ Super Veloce Jota

The Ultimate Lamborghini Aventador Has Arrived And It’s Packing 770 Horsepower

Since the Aventador went on sale in 2011, Lamborghini has slow-rolled higher performance variants to maintain excitement for its range-topping model. Now, as the supercar ages out of existence, we will see the ultimate send-off in the form of the Aventador SVJ.
milan red

Milan Red is a Hypercar Boasting 1,325 Horsepower and a Heart-Rate Visualizer

Milan Red, created by MILAN Automotive out of Austria, is our warm introduction to the new generation of hypercars. Taking its name from the famous bird of prey (and not the Italian city), the Milan Red houses 1,325 horsepower and goes from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in exactly 2.47 seconds.
Aston Martin Cygnet V-8

Aston Martin Stuffed V-8 Engine into a Pipsqueak City Car for Laughs

We're still not sure this isn't some elaborate and belated April Fools prank, but Aston Martin has supposedly stuffed a V-8 engine capable of 430 horsepower into the brand's old Cygnet city car, a laughable pipsqueak that looks more like a Smart car than a DB11.

Please Don’t Jump the Fenyr SuperSport Like ‘Fast and the Furious’

As the world steps ever-closer to the end of the internal combustion engine, a handful of boutique supercar companies are looking to ensure its legacy. One such automaker is W Motors and its latest offering, the Fenyr SuperSport, is a white-knuckled hair-raiser that we adore.
Lamborghini Huracan Performante

How a Lamborghini Huracan Performante Helped Me Get Out Of My Head

Perseverance in the face of an awful year is way easier when is behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Our review of this beast of a car is also a review of what it means to press on.
Lamborghini Miura Restoration profile

Lamborghini Restores One of Its Most Historic Supercars: The Only Miura SVR

Without the Lamborghini Miura, there would be no supercars. It was the first — a car penned in the 1960s that would capture generations to come and breed a new class of automobile. But the Miura SVR is all the more special because there is only one.
apollo ie intensa emozione hwa ag track 4

Apollo Teams with Legendary Motorsports Outfit to Intensify Intensa Emozione

Apollo has teamed up with legendary motorsports outfit HWA AG, which brought us the Mercedes CLK GTR, for the final development of the Intensa Emozione (IE) — and, by Zeus, that should make you quiver with anticipation.