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The 10 best chore coats for men: They’re perfect for seasonal layering

Look great and work hard when you wear these canvas barn coats

Outdoor man in jacket
Ysbrand Cosijn / Shutterstock

At a certain age, there are things that every respectable male should possess: a decent suit, a reliable pocket knife, and the confidence to change a tire, for starters. Some tasks require tougher tools and tougher apparel, though. Things like splitting wood, grinding in the shed, and mending fences at the ranch, for example, all call for a proper barn coat (also called a barn jacket or chore coat) — a durable outer layer that blends timeless style and rugged construction with all-day comfort.

Like virtually all menswear items, there is a long list of options for you to choose from if you are in the market for such a coat. If you’re looking to upgrade your life while working hard or looking rugged when you’re not in the barn, we have done all the heavy lifting for you. Here are the best men’s chore coat options for you to look and work your best in.

Couple feeding sheep
Victoria Strelka / Pexels

What is a chore coat and why should you wear one?

Chore coats, also known as barn coats, are made from tough materials like waxed canvas or breathable cotton. Chore clothing, such as chore pants and coats, are made for days on the job and days on the road — wherever the season takes you. The best chore coats for men offer plenty of seasonal layering potential while also providing the sort of toughness required for winter weather and yard work that just can’t wait.

Flint and Tinder Bedford

Flint and Tinder Bedford Cord

Flint and Tinder is one of the best places to go for anything rugged and unapologetically manly. This first option harkens back to WWII navy pilots who wore Bedford Cord in their flight uniforms. While many chore coats are brown or tan, this deep blue hue will look great on the ranch or on the street.

Legendary Whitetails Yellowstone
Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails Yellowstone

If you think about outdoor activities or missions that need something tough and dependable, hunting has to be near the top of the list. When you sit outside in the woods from early morning until mid-afternoon, you have to be prepared for rain, snow, wind, and quick, smooth movements to take the shot. The Yellowstone is not only perfect for all of those, but it features deep-angled pockets perfect for tools or extra gloves on those cold days.

Todd Snyder Woodland Jacket
Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Woodland Jacket

When you think of tough and rugged or roughing it in the wilderness, New York isn’t what you generally think of. That doesn’t stop legendary New York-smitten designer Todd Snyder from jumping into the mix with its own take on the jacket. What sets this jacket apart from the others? Well, one thing New Yorkers know about is cold weather, and the Woodland option features a collar tab to keep the wind out and your core warm.

Wrangler Cord Quilted Barn Coat

Wrangler Cord Quilted Barn Coat

Let’s be clear, nobody knows ranches, barns, or hard work more than the Western brand, Wrangler. After years of outfitting cowboys from the fields to the rodeo, we trust that it knows what hard-working men need. This barn coat features a lightweight, quilted flannel that keeps you warm without restricting your movement. If you need a coat that looks great, keeps you warm, and will stay durable for whomever you leave your ranch to, this one works perfectly.

Thursday Boots Waxed Canvas Field Jacket
Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots Waxed Canvas Field Jacket

Thursday Boots is known for providing men with some of the best rugged leather boots that will last as long as they do, so it was only a matter of time before it jumped to building coats and jackets, too. This waxed canvas has the perfect outer lining to look as sharp as leather and hold up as well as canvas in the weather. Not to mention it will look fantastic on the back of a motorcycle with your boots to match.

LL Bean Original Field Coat
L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Original Field Coat

With a nearly 100-year history, Maine-based L.L. Bean has proven it knows a thing or two about hardworking outerwear. The Original Field Coat is a testament to that know-how, with a heavy-duty cotton canvas shell that feels broken in straight off the rack. Five pockets provide plenty of space to stash your winter gloves, hand tools, and a beanie. A proprietary stain- and water-resistant treatment also ensures it’ll hold up for years to come.

Outdoor Research Men's Lined Chore Jacket
Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Lined Chore Jacket

Outdoor Research brings its considerable design savvy to bear on the simply named Lined Chore Jacket. With an ultra-soft Sherpa fleece interior and eco-friendly VericalX ECO technology in both arms, this workwear outer layer is a true four-season barn coat. The waxed cotton exterior provides durability and outstanding water resistance in all but the worst conditions.

Patagonia Iron Forge

Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Barn Coat

Cotton duck canvas might be the standard in today’s barn coats, but Patagonia breaks that convention with its proprietary Iron Forge Hemp Canvas. The fabric is 25% more abrasion resistant and requires no “break-in” period, so it wears comfortably right off the rack. Durable insulation ensures you keep warm in any season. Bonus points for the fact that it’s Fair Trade Certified sewn and made from mostly recycled materials.

Lands End Barn Coat
Land's End

Land’s End Barn Coat

For an affordable, no-nonsense alternative, there’s the Land’s End’s Men’s Barn Coat. This all-season barn jacket boasts a cotton shell that resists water and wind with a corduroy collar for a bit of flare and warmth when the temperatures drops. The functional design adds four exterior pockets and an interior zip pocket to wrangle your tools and other essentials for a day of outdoor work.

Carhartt's Loose Fit Firm Duck Blanket-Lined Chore Coat is an iconic workwear barn coat.

Carhartt Loose Fit Firm Duck Blanket-Lined Chore Coat

Few brands are as iconic among working men as the well-known brand Carhartt. Its deep catalog of everyday workwear is comfortable, reliable, and versatile, no matter what you ask of it. The Firm Duck Blanket-Lined Carhartt Chore Coat is arguably its best barn coat. The 12-ounce, 100% ringspun cotton duck fabric is soft, durable, and rugged. Six total pockets — four rivet-reinforced on the outside and two inside — offer plenty of storage space. Plus, the corduroy-trimmed color adds built-in hood snaps to connect a matching Carhartt hood when the weather turns south.

Man in the woods wearing a jacket
Hannah Nelson / Pexels

How can you style a chore coat?

The chore coat is made to be roughed up. It isn’t supposed to be dressed up and paraded out to the formal events. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t look fantastic and used to make a dress outfit more casual. You will normally wear these coats with casual button-ups, henleys, or T-shirts over jeans and boots. If you want to elevate the jacket, throw on some slim-cut chinos and a pair of suede Chelsea boots. If you really want to dress it up and look about as dressed up as these can be, consider turtlenecks. Either way, you wear these garments, dressed up or rugged; each of these coats is ready for the job.

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