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Nate Swanner

Nate Swanner

General Manager

Nate is General Manager for all not-Digital-Trends properties at DTMG, including The Manual, Digital Trends en Espanol (DTES),  21Oak, NewFolks, The Angle, PawTracks, HappySprout, ToughJobs, and BlissMark. He was previously an Editor at Dice Insights, The Next Web, SlashGear, and Android Authority.

A former chef, lifelong snowboarder, documentary fiend, and avid traveler, Nate eats well, learns constantly, and falls down a lot of snowy mountains.

Making a protein shake

How much protein do you really need? Here’s how to calculate it

We all know protein is important, but how much protein do you need to eat? Find out here.
Hotel staff changing sheets.

Hotel bedsheets: The truth about how clean they really are

Are your hotel sheets clean? Here are a few suggestions for how to tell if a hotel's bedsheets are clean and what to do if you suspect otherwise.
Thanksgiving dinner

Your Thanksgiving meal by the calories (and how to burn them off)

How many calories can you find in a typical Thanksgiving meal? Here are the specifics along with some exercise suggestions for burning those calories.
Cheese fondue potato dip

How to throw the ultimate fondue party, according to experts

A fondue party is one way to connect with your social circle. If you plan to have one, here are some expert tips you can follow.
Ben Sherman 24/7 Motion Stretch Chino

Review: These Ben Sherman pants might be the only pair I’ll even buy – here’s why

Ben Sherman makes great clothing, n doubt about it, but the 24/7 Motion Stretch Slim Chino may be the best pants I've ever worn.
Man doing skin care routine

The best toner for men – cleanse your pores with one of these top products

Toners benefit your skin by clearing out pores, which can be a great help for people with acne-prone skin. Here are the best toners for men.
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix winner's stage

The 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix aftermath: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Now that the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix has ended, F1 has a lot of work to do. This is the goodl the bad, and the downright ugly I witnessed this week
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 is already selling ‘deposits’ for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix – and we have one big question

F1 is taking deposits for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix - before the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix race has even begun! Should you reserve your spot? We take a look
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix - grandstand seating

F1 Las Vegas: The best ways to watch the race live and survive Las Vegas during race week

F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix is a spectacle. It's also a dizzying myriad of options. Here's where I watched the race, where I stayed, and how I survived Las Vegas
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 Las Vegas: Here’s how much it all costs, and what you get, starting at $500

The inaugural F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix is here - but how much does it cost? We've got all the details.
Jackson Hole Wyoming skiing

The 10 best ski resorts and mountains in the U.S.

Some people prefer the cold and snow to tropical locations for their vacay. Here's where to visit the best ski resorts and U.S. ski mountains year after year.
Aston Martin on the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

F1 Las Vegas: The iconic MSG Sphere has a weird role to play in this weekend’s race

F1 Las Vegas has The MSG Sphere as its most notable, iconic backdrop. While it will continue to shine bright, MSG Sphere is taking a backseat during the races.
midewest ski resorts

The best Midwest ski resorts for a weekend getaway on the slopes

If you are planning a winter vacation on the slopes in the Midwest, you might want to check out these ski resorts.
Aston Martin at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 Las Vegas: Aston Martin might have the coolest on-site and virtual presence we’ve seen yet

Aston Martin is having a moment at F1 this weekend. The company's biggest-ever F1 marketing push is happening in real-time and online!
Man using dry shampoo

The 7 best dry shampoo options, an easy cleansing solution for your hair

Look great on your non-wash days with our picks for the best dry shampoos for men. Stay good looking with these hair refreshing alternatives.
Burton Snowboards Mine 77 Celtics edition

Burton Snowboards, a brand I love, just made 77 boards I’ll never buy

Burton Snowboards has released its newest Mine 77 collection, featuring the Boston Celtics, and incorporating the famed parquet flooring.
Man taking a bath

The 11 best bath products for men for an ultra relaxing soak

Sink into the womb-like warmth of a steaming tub with the best bath products for men. This is your excuse to indulge an spend more time in the bathtub.
A cup of coffee photographed from above.

Should you drink coffee while intermittent fasting? We have the answers

Intermittent fasting has some rules to follow and only allows you to have certain items during the fasting period. What about coffee?
Knit cozy sweater folded in a pile on wooden background.

How to wash a cashmere sweater without ruining it

Accidentally spilled something on your cashmere sweater? We got you. Read on to know how to wash a cashmere sweater without ruining it.
Cigar pile

5 types of cigars you need to know about

To help get you up to speed on the major varietals, we put together a quick reference guide to the most common types of cigars.
A deep fried turkey

Everything you need to know to make a delicious deep-fried turkey

If you've never deep fried a full-size bird before, please, please, please read this very thorough guide on how to deep fry a turkey without killing yourself.
Snowboard ready to wax

How to wax a snowboard: A guide so your ride is ready for the slopes

Here's everything you need to know about hot waxing a snowboard for beginners.
MINI Cooper John Cooper Works Countryman

New MINI John Cooper Works Countryman, MINI’s first proper SUV, makes its North American debut

MINI Cooper now has a proper SUV! The all new MINI Cooper John Cooper works Countryman is totally rediesigned, and now qualifies as an SUV in the United States.
Three skiers

How to choose the right pair of skis for you

Before you buy a pair of skis, there are a few key factors to consider. We break down all of the important stuff for you.
Player holding a padel paddle.

Forget pickleball – padel is our new favorite weird sport

Padel, like pickleball, is a sport that melds racket games. Better outside the U.S., here's a padel tennis history and how to get into the addicting game.
Goodwill Superstore in Portland, Oregon.

Here are the best online thrift stores to find quality secondhand threads

We dive into the digital realm to unearth the best online thrift stores so you can build your wardrobe and save money at the same time.
Burton [ak] Kalausi snowboarding outerwear

Burton may have just made the most luxurious snowboarding gear ever

If you want to blend high fashion with high altitiude, the new Burton [ak] Kalausi snowboarding gear might be exactly what you're looking for.
Hotel Terra at Jackson Hole Resort

Jackson Hole Resort: Where to stay, eat, and relax at one of the world’s most popular ski resorts

Headed to Jackson Hole? Consider Jackson Hole Resort, which has plenty of great lodging and dining options without forcing you away from the mountain
Man using rowing machine for fitness.

8 reasons why a rowing machine needs to be part of your workout routine

Did you know rowing is actually a total-body workout and engages nearly every major muscle in the body? Find the benefits of rowing here.
Alyeska Resort

Up your ski game with these lesser-known ski resorts in North America

Once you discover the joy of a smaller, lesser-known ski resort, you'll wonder why you spent so long in lift queues and merging with traffic onto groomers.
Poached egg with green asparagus and caviar.

Video: This ‘new’ way to make poached eggs might be the best (and simplest) ever

This sophisticated method of cooking is steaming the egg to elicit a subtle, almost perfect delicacy — cooked, almost crispy white surrounded by a runny yolk.
Man with lower back pain

The 8 best sciatica stretches and exercises to beat the pain

Learn eight easy sciatic stretches and exercises to relieve sciatica pain and prevent further dysfunction.
Two containers of Fellow Barber Texture Paste.

Hair products 101: Get all-day texture and hold with the best hair paste for men

The best hair paste for men give your hair volume and flexible hold. Use hair paste with many different men's hairstyles.
Burton Step-On

Burton Step-On bindings and boots review: Should you opt-in to Step-On?

Burton Step-On is progressive but polarizing. Are these the boots and bindings you should be buying in 2023? After two seasons of testing, we have the answer.
A cannabis guide illustration

Indica vs sativa: A guide to these two major types of cannabis

Indica, sativa, or something in between? Our weed guide will give you the 4-1-1- on the indiva vs. sativa debates, and hook you up with the best strain.
ufc 294 sports psychologist overview

UFC 294: A sports psychologist breaks down what really happened with Volkanovski, Usman, and Chimaev

UFC 294 was a stacked card that many felt didn't deliver. We spoke with a sports psychologist to find out why.
Jason Momoa with long hair and beard

The 7 most popular long hairstyles for men

Now that you’re part of an exclusive network of gentlemen with the long locks, here is a selection of hairstyles for you.
2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV 3LT.

These are the most affordable electric cars on the market today

While prices remain high, there are a number of EVs on the market around or under the $35,000 price tag. Here are some of the cheaper electric cars.
Male hiker walks along cliff with view on Appalachian Trail, Maine.

5 spectacular fall hikes on the Appalachian Trail

Planning to take on the Appalachian Trail this fall? Here are just a few of the best fall hikes for leaf peepers.
Burton Loback Step-On

Burton Step-On bindings review: The Step-On Loback may make you rethink your entire snowboard setup

Burton Loback Step-On snowboard bindings are a continuation in the drive for fewer straps and more fun. Does it deliver? Find out!
Electric vehicle charging

Dreaming about electric vehicles? These hidden costs may change your mind

The Manual uncovers the hidden costs you need to consider if you're thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle.
Man holding headphones to his ears

The best fiction podcasts to listen to right now

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, these are some of the best fiction podcasts out there that will keep you coming back for more.
Waxed jacket

Barbour, Flint and Tinder, and more: Why your wardrobe needs a waxed canvas jacket (and the best ones to get)

If you're in the market for a stylish but sturdy waxed canvas jacket, we have you covered. We have the history behind them and the ones to shop for.
Johammer J1.

Get the electric motorcycle of your dreams: Our top picks

Here are some of the best electric motorcycle models available now or coming soon to a road near you.
Burton Custom X snowboard deck

Burton snowboard review: The Burton Custom X begs for more

The Burton Custom X is the top-end snowboard in Burton's lineup — but is it the best there is? We test to find out.
Cars on I-70 in Missouri.

This is the impact EVs have on the environment, according to an expert

With the help of the University of Oregon's Steve Mital, we investigate electric vehicles' impact on the Earth — for better and worse.
Jones Hovercraft 2.0

Jones Snowboards Re-Up Tech recycles old snowboards, a massive breakthrough for snowboarding

Jones Snowboards has created a breakthrough new program, Re-Up Tech, that takes old snowboards and uses them in the manufacturing of new snowboards
Julijonas Urbonas (left) and Euthanasia Coaster at HUMAN+ display at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

The ‘Euthanasia Coaster’ was designed to kill riders with elegant violence

Deaths at amusement parks are rare, but, Lithuanian designer Julijonas Urbonas proposed building a euthanasia roller coaster, constructed to purposely kill.
Man powder skiing, Alps, Zauchensee, Austria

Skiing vs. snowboarding: A beginner’s guide to these amazing winter sports

Skiing and snowboarding offer a thrilling way to spend a winter day. It's never too late to learn, so here are some of the best tips for beginners.
A man snowboarding with a rip of powder behind him.

How to have a lot more fun snowboarding this year: A note from The Manual’s GM

Snowboarding should be fun! There's an emphasis on being "extreme," but that's not for everyone. These are our tips to have more fun snowboarding this year.