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A fitness routine is an essential part of every modern man’s life. It doesn’t matter if you get your exercise in at the gym, with a light at-home workout, by playing sports, or exploring the great outdoors, it will keep your body tuned up like a well-running machine. For some fitness inspiration, take a look at our guides and gear recommendations.

Making a protein shake

How much protein do you really need? Here’s how to calculate it

We all know protein is important, but how much protein do you need to eat? Find out here.
Thanksgiving dinner

Your Thanksgiving meal by the calories (and how to burn them off)

A man bouldering.

Bouldering: A beginner’s guide to this full-body workout

Fish fillets, chicken meat, and red meat on top of distressed white cutting boards along with nuts, cheese, dairy, and eggs.

Want to know how to build muscle? A doctor says you should eat these foods

A man doing sumo squats in a park.

The ultimate calisthenics workout plan for stronger legs

keto diet thanksgiving recipes rustic thankgiving dinner

We love these Keto diet Thanksgiving recipes from a professional chef

Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

9 key arm workouts for your biceps and triceps

Group playing pickleball

Here’s why you should join a pickleball league

a man in a baseball cap taking a deep breath looking at the sky

Eliminate holiday season stress with these simple mindfulness strategies

Man swinging a golf club

The best golf club and golf ball Black Friday deals we’ve found

Practicing self-defense with a weapon

Protect yourself with the best self-defense weapons

Man in yoga pose outside

4 yoga poses to build core strength you can do anywhere

a bird's eye view of a dinner table

How to lose belly fat: Thanksgiving food swaps that won’t derail your fitness goals

Belly fat can be a big problem in the holiday season. These Thanksgiving dishes and recipe substitutes will help you stay trim.
A man works out with a Bowflex SelectTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell.

The best kettlebell Black Friday deals on Bowflex and more

With these Black Friday deals you can add a new kettlebell to your workout for cheap.
A man picking up a set of dumbbells.

The best dumbbell and adjustable dumbbell Black Friday deals — from $34

Add some weight to your fitness routine with these dumbbell and adjustable dumbbell deals we've rounded up for Black Friday.
A blue bowl of cranberries

Cranberries are great for your health: RDs reveal how to add them to your diet this winter

Cranberries are festive in the winter, but are they healthy? Registered dietitians shared the benefits of cranberries and ways to enjoy them.
oura ring deal november 2023 3

Black Friday deal knocks $100 off the popular Oura smart ring

The Oura Ring, a wearable device that can monitor various health and fitness metrics, is now on sale for up to $100 off from Oura for its Black Friday deals.
High-fiber vegetables

Need constipation relief? Add these food and drink items to your diet today

Constipated? Here are the best foods for fast and easy constipation relief.
Peloton landing page for beginners.

These are the best Peloton classes for beginners

Peloton can seem intimidating if you're a beginner or new to fitness, but there are some great Peloton classes for beginners. Find out more here.
24 Hour Fitness Gym from the parking lot

24 Hour Fitness Black Friday sale: Get two years for the price of one

For the 24 Hour Fitness Black Friday celebration they gym is offering some excellent membership deals including one you do not want to miss. Come take a look.
Healthy anti-inflammatory foods

Salmon, coconut oil, chia seeds, and more: The best foods to fight inflammation

Salmon, chia seeds, avocado, coconut oil — the list goes on. These are the best foods to fight inflammation naturally.
Horizontal view of man's folded hands while doing pilates

Pilates equipment for beginners: Transform your home into a world-class Pilates studio

Want to get the best at-home Pilates workout? Read our guide to find out exactly what you need.
yoga class side bend seated on mats

What is hot yoga? Why this should become your new winter workout

Hot yoga is the workout you need this winter. Find out why.
a bowl of oatmeal with a grilled pear

Oatmeal is the secret to better sleep (and you’re going to love this hack)

There are many benefits of oatmeal, but some of the biggest are melatonin and magnesium for sleep.
Three meals in glass containers

This one simple healthy food trick may get you to eat better more often

In an ideal world, we'd eat healthy food all the time, but that isn't always possible. With this trick, eating healthy will be a lot easier.
Cut open cayenne pepper

The surprising health benefits of cayenne pepper

These are the health benefits of cayenne pepper (and how to incorporate it into your diet).
The corner of a DreamCloud Sleep mattress.

DreamCloud Black Friday Sale: Early deals you can shop right now

It's basically a thunderstorm. Successive flash sales have customers getting 50% off DreamCloud Sleep mattresses. Here's how to see if one is going on now!
Protein powder

I found the best early Black Friday protein powder deals

Pack on some body mass and wallet mass with these early Black Friday protein powder deals at Amazon.
Man practicing yoga and meditation at home. A series of yoga poses. Lifestyle concept.

These are the best yoga poses to add to your bedtime routine for better sleep

Yoga has many benefits, including helping you to clear your mind. If you want better sleep, consider yoga before bed.
A man skis on a clear run, with mountains and trees behind him.

Snow is falling: These 7 workouts will get you ready for skiing and snowboarding in no time

Ready for skiing and snowboarding season? We didn't think so! These seven workouts will get you ready for the slopes in no time.
Gymshark studio collection yoga pants

Gymshark Black Friday: Up to 50% off shorts, t-shirts, and more

Gymshark has started its Black Friday sale early with some great discounts on shorts, hoodies, t-shirts, and much more.
An Emma mattress with the logo clearly displayed.

Emma Mattress Black Friday Sale: Early deals available now

You can find a mattress for as low as $329 during Emma's Black Friday Early Access sale, but it is only available for a limited time. Find out the details here!
Ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks

The benefits of cinnamon, and why you should be eating more of it

There are many benefits of cinnamon that include reducing the risk of heart disease and regulating blood sugar.
Young man talking by mobile phone while running on treadmill in office

Is walking at a treadmill desk really that helpful? We investigate

Walking workouts at a treadmill desk have become more and more popular. This is what you need to know before making the change.
The On Cloudace at an angle on a white background.

On early Black Friday sale knocks 40% off top running shoes

On has launched a huge sale on running shoes with up to 40% off some of the best of last season's models. Here are the best ones.

How to lose belly fat: Eating these 10 foods more often will help a lot

Have stubborn belly fat? This is how to lose belly fat with a few tweaks to your diet.
a plate of salmon with red garnish and limes in background

What your anti-inflammatory diet is missing, according to registered dietitians

An RD explains which foods are best for your anti-inflammatory diet, and why you should eat them regularly.
man holding weights outside

New study says this is the best time of day to exercise if you want to lose weight

Do you have a preference for a nighttime or morning workout? A new study suggests that could affect weight loss.
Man stretching his hamstrings

How to build leg strength: The 15 best hamstring exercises

The best hamstring exercises for men include deadlifts, glute bridges, single-leg Romanian deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and more.
The Adidas Ultraboost on a road surface.

Adidas latest early Black Friday deals bring up to 50% off Ultraboost

Adidas has a huge sale on dozens of items in its Ultraboost range including high-end running shoes and more affordable options too. Here are the best.
Containers of different gummy candy

Ultra-processed foods are seriously unhealthy (and these are the items hiding in your pantry you didn’t realize you should avoid)

Want to build a healthy diet? Ditch these ultra-processed foods.
Lifting weights with spotter

Burn fat while gaining muscle: Weight training for weight loss

You don't always have to do cardio to lose weight. Learn about weight lifting for weight loss here.
Pouring coconut aminos in clear glass bowl

The benefits of coconut aminos, the soy-free alternative to soy sauce

The real benefits of coconut aminos — a better soy sauce, too?
adidas supernova 2 deal november 2023 0 running shoes on feet

These popular Adidas running shoes are discounted from $100 to $40

The Adidas Supernova 2 are on sale now at Adidas coming down to just $40. Here's why you need them in your life.
Man running on street by a body of water.

Running Shoe Deals: Cheap men’s trail and road running shoes

Save plenty on these excellent trail and road running shoe deals at REI right now.
Man using rowing machine for fitness.

8 reasons why a rowing machine needs to be part of your workout routine

Did you know rowing is actually a total-body workout and engages nearly every major muscle in the body? Find the benefits of rowing here.
Ribeye steaks, raw

Everything you need to know about the Lion Diet

Fad, or functional? Here's everything you need to know about the Lion Diet
Horizontal view of man's folded hands while doing pilates

8 great Pilates workouts to keep you tight, toned, and feeling your best

These Pilates workouts can be done just about anywhere, require no equipment, and will keep you in great shape.
A Saatva Classic mattress lies on a patio facing the ocean.

Saatva Mattress Black Friday Sale: Early deals you can shop right now

Saatva early Black Friday deals are constantly evolving. What do we expect from the luxury mattress brand as fall evolves? At the least, 15% off a mattress.
The Nectar Premier memory foam mattress in a bedroom.

Nectar Mattress Black Friday Sale: Early deals happening now

Now is the time to get a Nectar mattress, one of the best mattresses, especially if you are a new customer. We're seeing deals for all categories of items sold.