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Travis Reill

Travis Reill


Hi! I'm Travis, a teacher turned stay-at-home dad turned freelance writer. Mountain biking is my passion. Fortunately, I've been able to pursue a storytelling career in that world. I also have the wonderful opportunity of being home with my kids. For myself and my kids, work and school are now daily adventures into the greatness of our surrounding wilderness. I couldn't choose a better life!

I'm a regular contributor to, have feature articles in Mountain Bike Action magazine, and others. See you on the trails!

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The Trew Gear logo on the front of their Up Jack windbreaker jacket

Ski and snowboard apparel brand Trew Gear crosses into the mountain bike world

If you thought Trew Gear was only snowboarding and skiing apparel, you might be mistaken. We found what items work for the mountain bike and tried them out.
SJCAM C300 action camera with the extra battery pack

SJCAM C300 is an affordable action camera, but can it do what the Insta360 and GoPro can?

Insta360 has captured the hearts and minds of the GoPro crowd, but the SJCAM C300 may just give both a run for your money
Georgia mountain biking trail turn.

How to resurface your mountain bike brakes

Before you throw away the fading brake pads from your mountain bike, try resurfacing them. Rubbing alcohol, steel wool, and sanding screens are all you need.
An image of the all new Canyon Lux Trail CFR

Canyon bikes introduces all new Lux Trail mountain bike lineup with 4 unique models

Canyon bikes has released its new Lux Trail mountain bike with four unique models and tons of new features.
A picture of a mountain bike near an alpine river during fall

Are you prepared for cold and wet mountain bike season?

Fall is here but that doesn't mean we have to stop riding our mountain bikes. A few simple changes can have us riding year round (weather permitting).
A caution sign on a mountain bike trail telling riders to stop for riders coming up

3 unspoken rules of mountain biking you should know

There are three things other mountain bikers may not ever tell you - but we will. There are the unspoken rules of etiquette on the trail
A 12-speed cassette on a mountain bike

Mountain bike drivetrain showdown: Shimano vs. Sram

Shimano or Sram? We rank, review, and rate drivetrains from two of the biggest names in the mountain bike game.
Mountain bikes resting in the back of a truck

Your weird mountain bike questions, answered

Ever wonder why clipless pedals are called that when you actually clip into them? This and more of your weird mountain bike questions, answered
Pushing the Canyon Spectral back to the top of the hill

Buying a new mountain bike or mountain biking gear? Our guide helps you figure out what’s right for you

You have a lot of options when it comes to a new mountain bike and mountain biking gear - so let us help you figure out what's right for you!
Opening and beginning to build the Canyon Spectral CF 8

How to choose the right mountain bike for you: Your 3 biggest considerations

Looking for a new mountain bike? Buyers remorse can be a real thing, especially if you don't take these three things into consideration.
Pedaling a mountain bike up a hill is harder than going down. Riders coming down should stop.

5 mountain biking habits everyone on a mountain bike must learn ASAP

If you're on a mountain bike, these are the habits you need to have to ride safely and aggressively
A picture showing the beautiful landscape and clear skies of Death Valley

You can mountain bike into Death Valley and watch the next solar eclipse on October 14

You can take a really cool mountain bike ride into Death Valley to watch a solar eclipse. It doesn't get cooler than that!
A large sign on a tree on the side of a mountain bike trail telling riders that e-bikes are not allowed

You may want an electric mountain bike, but you probably shouldn’t buy one – here’s why

Electric mountain bikes are amazing, but they've got some serious drawbacks. We get deep on why your next MTB purchase shouldn't be electric
A picture of the Smith Shift MAG sunglasses with a Smith helmet

Mountain biking gear review: SMITH sunglasses dominate the mountain with Shift MAG

Smith's Shift MAG sunglasses handle every mountain biking need
A shot of the Canyon Spectral CF 8 on a trail

The mountain bike mullet: Why you probably can’t do it (yet)

The mountain bike mullet is a popular option, with the front wheel larger than the rear, but you might not be able to do it on your current bike
A shot of the Canyon Spectral CF 8 on a trail

Canyon Spectral CF 8 mountain bike review: A trail bike for an active rider

The Canyon Spectral CF 8 is a long-travel trail bike with a twist: it can't be found in bike shops. Ordering and assembling are on you — so is the money you save.
Setting the sag on the Canyon Spectral while setting up the suspension

How to set up your mountain bike’s suspension in 10 minutes

Want to get the most from your mountain bike? Making sure your suspension is set up the right way will get you the optimal performance.
The Smith Wildcat sunglasses with Red Mirror ChromaPop lens

Review: Why Smith’s Wildcat sunglasses are must-haves for mountain biking

Smith has made high-quality eyewear for a long time and the Wildcat sunglasses are no exception. Smith's high standards and style make their way to the trails.
A picture of 2 trail bikes that have had some component upgrades

Save money on mountain bike upgrades with these simple tips

Whether it's a want or need, upgrading comes with mountain biking. Call them tips, tricks, or hacks, there are ways to save money while upgrading your bike.
At the top of the trail in Evo's Bike Shorts and Evo's Bike Jersey

We tested out some of Evo’s most popular mountain biking gear

You ride more confidently when you're wearing the appropriate gear. Evo sent us some of their best mountain biking apparel to test and review.
A "share the trail" sign showing proper etiquette of who yields to who on the trail.

Mountain biking etiquette: What to know before you hit the trails

Mountain biking trails come with a whole set of rules that you may be unfamiliar with. Get to know this trail etiquette before you hit the trails.
Canyon Spectral Bike

Mountain biking gear: These 3 upgrades will transform your experience

There is more to upgrade than just the components on our mountain bikes. Look beyond the bike to enhance the entirety of your mountain bike experience.
Jumping a gap on a mountain biking trail

Mountain bike maintenance: 3 things you absolutely must do to keep your bike in good condition

Prolong the life of your bike and its components, and save money, by following simple mountain bike maintenance tips. Your bike, and wallet, will thank you.
A Forge and Bond factory rider with the new F+B 30 AM wheels on the trail.

Forge and Bond’s new mountain biking wheels are trail ready

Mountain biking brand Forge and Bond's new wheels are trail focused. From long days on the 25 XC to all mountain wheels with the 30 AM, Forge and Bonds got you.
An empty chair lift line on a weekday at Bachelor Bike Park

Bike parks for beginners: 3 things everyone should know

Riding the trails at the bike park can be an awesome experience. Keep the stoke high and the party laps going by following these three guidelines.
The Smith Forefront 2 in white

Riding review: Is the Smith Forefront 2 bike helmet worth the price?

The Smith Forefront 2 checks all the boxes of a trail helmet. Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side, but you can't really put a price on protecting your brain.
Manuals and warranty information for Canyon Bikes and Fox Suspension

Avoid these 3 costly mistakes that could void your mountain bike’s warranty

Well-intentioned decisions can have major consequences. This can be true when it comes to your mountain bike's warranty. Avoid problems with these tips.
mountain biking moab utah

Are you in between mountain bike sizes? This is how to tell which one is right for you

Mountain bike sizing is relatively easy to follow. Where things get tricky is when you fall in between sizes. Use this guide when considering sizing up or down.
An Insta360 X3 action camera with the chest mount

Insta360 X3 action camera review: Is it worth it?

Whether capturing the ski slopes, a black diamond ridge on your bike, or the perfect campsite, relive the action and favorite moments with the Insta360 X3.
best mountain bike destinations biker silhouette in action against the sunset concept for sport and exercise

Not sure which mountain bike to buy? Try these 2 easy tricks to test out all of your favorites

Test riding all the mountain bikes you are interested in purchasing is nearly impossible. Daily rental fees alone will have you second guessing...until now.
Man and woman biking on a dirt path

These mountain bike faux pas may get you uninvited from the next group ride

A group mountain bike ride is something you don't want to miss out on. Consider these tips to ensure that the invitations keep coming your way.
A customer shops for a mountain bike

Consider this before you buy a mountain bike (or you’ll regret it)

Mountain bikes are expensive. We often cut corners and make sacrifices to bring that price down, but that may force you to spend more money later.
mountain biking the alps france

Better understand mountain bike categories before you buy: Your complete guide

Putting two wheels on dirt is one of summer's best adventures. We've put together a handy mountain bike guide to help you pick your first bike.
Giant Talon 2 (2022) Mountain Bike isolated on a plain white background.

These are the mountain bike upgrades that will increase performance

With so many different component options to add to your mountain bike, these upgrades will noticeably improve your performance.
Mountain biking on a trail

Know what bike gear you need to bring on your next mountain bike adventure

From extra snacks, electrolytes, and spare tubes, make sure you are prepared for your next mountain bike adventure.