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Christine VanDoren

Christine VanDoren


Christine is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist with an undergraduate degree from Missouri State University. Her passion is helping others learn how strong and healthy they can become by transforming their daily habits. Christine spends most of her time in the gym and learning how she can influence others through positivity!

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A man doing sumo squats in a park.

The ultimate calisthenics workout plan for stronger legs

Calisthenics can be a great leg workout. This is how to get started.
Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

9 key arm workouts for your biceps and triceps

These are some of the best exercises to add to your arm day, and they are what you need for transformed biceps and triceps.
Bowls of bone broth on a tray

How to break a fast – the best foods to eat

If you're on a fasting diet, you might be wondering what you can (and should) eat when it's meal time. These seven suggestions are your best bet.
Lifting weights with spotter

Burn fat while gaining muscle: Weight training for weight loss

You don't always have to do cardio to lose weight. Learn about weight lifting for weight loss here.
A man in a green shirt and gray shorts meditating on a yoga mat in the living room.

Tai chi for beginners: 7 reasons you need to add it to your daily routine

Tai chi can benefit you no matter what age you are or what your fitness level is. Take a look at our in-depth guide to learn all about it.
Jake Lott performing pallof press using a resistance band in a gym.

Expert reveals the best way to build muscle with resistance bands

A personal trainer explains how to build muscle with resistance bands.
Man doing Pilates with yoga blocks.

Hot yoga, core power yoga, and more: 8 yoga variations to help you increase strength and flexibility

Hot yoga, core power yoga, vinyasa yoga - which yoga variation is right for you? We dive into the top variations
Box jump exercise

9 benefits of doing plyometrics workouts no matter how fit you are

There are many fitness benefits of plyometrics. Find out why you should start plyometric training today.
Man and woman eating healthy

Yes, you can practice mindfulness with your diet, too: Mindful eating tips anyone can stick to

For some, mindfulness stops when its time to eat. These tips will help you practice mindful eating to stay healthy and grounded.
Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

Resistance bands for arm workouts: How to boost your fitness game

Check out these six essential resistance band exercises for your next arm day.
Treadmills in a gym

LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and more: The most popular gym memberships, compared

Learn about the pros and cons of eight different gym memberships to discover which one is the best fit for you.
Fast food

The 5 worst foods for bodybuilding, according to a doctor

If you're looking to bulk up, check out these tips to learn more about how alcohol, high-sodium foods, and other foods could hinder muscle growth.
Man using Pilates reformer.

Pilates at home vs. at the studio: Which is the best option for you? We help you decide

Should you do pilates at home, or find a studio? We help you decide which option is best
Stationary exercise bikes

Are stationary bikes or spin bikes better for reaching your goals?

Stationary bikes and spin bikes are both popular cardio equipment, but which is a better workout? Find out here as we examine spin bikes vs. stationary bikes.
Portrait of a handsome sports man showing muscles, eating healthy vegetarian salad on the kitchen at home

What is biohacking? (And is it the secret to a healthier lifestyle?)

Learn how biohacking can improve your exercise, nutrition, and sleep habits just by making some simple changes.
A man doing glute bridges

These incredible leg workouts don’t include any squats or lunges

Having strong legs can help improve posture, circulation, and your overall quality of life. Try these seven leg workouts for stronger, more toned legs.
Person with knee pain.

Knee pain doesn’t mean the end of your workout routine — here’s what to do

Knee pain and knee injuries can hamper our workout routine. These are the exercises you need to know.
Man doing abs crunches exercise, fitness workout at gym.

The best lower ab workouts to help you achieve V-cut abs

Lower ab exercises help build a strong core, which is critical for overall athletic performance and looking even better in the mirror.
Man flexing his back and shoulders.

4 great back exercises that require no equipment, only your body weight

Back exercises don't need to be weighted! These bodyweight exercises are great for toning and strengthening your back.
Man and woman on stationary bikes.

The 10 grueling CrossFit workouts that will haunt your dreams

Take a look at the top ten killer CrossFit workouts to include in your routine to maximize your overall results.
Man in water aerobics class.

Need a low impact workout? Why you should consider water aerobics

Learn about the various water aerobics classes you can try, as well as who may benefit the most from this form of exercise.
Salmon entree

The Mediterranean diet: Everything you need to know about everyone’s favorite diet

Are you looking for a new diet to follow in 2023? Try the Mediterranean diet to enjoy its many benefits!
Shirtless man exercising on a trail outdoors.

How to get in shape in 30 days: The ultimate guide

Wanting to see how you can transform your physique in only 30 days? Read on to discover our recommended tips.
Man doing pistol squat.

7 mobility exercises to strengthen your joints and increase your range of motion

Do you want to improve your mobility? Make these seven exercises part of your routine.
A man with strong lats.

The ultimate lat guide for building your strongest back ever

Strong lats are functionally important for pull-ups, swimming, and even deadlifts. Here are the best lats exercises.
A man doing a yoga pose with a tablet in front of him in the living room.

The benefits of yoga: Why you need to add it to your workout routine today

Yoga is about more than meditation. Learn about the various health benefits it can provide and how to implement it into your workout routine.
A man with a towel over his shoulder eating a banana.

What to eat after a workout: 9 post-workout meals to try

Whether you're looking for the right post-workout snack or post-workout meal, this is what to eat after a workout.
Fiber in beans

Load up on high-fiber foods: Your guide to getting enough fiber in your diet

Discover which of your favorite foods are rich in fiber and will help you meet your daily fiber goal. Also, discover fiber's many benefits.
Hip stretch lunge

How to stretch your hip: 5 effective stretches to know

Discover how to effectively work on stretching out tight hips that come from sitting with these five moves you can add to your fitness routine.
Sliced raw sweet potato.

10 benefits of sweet potatoes that prove you should eat more of them

Sweet potatoes are as good for you as they are delicious. Read on to find out why you should add more sweet potato recipes to your meal plan.
A close-up of a male athlete's quad muscles.

How to stretch quads: 5 simple, effective stretches

Discover five stretches you can easily do anywhere to help lengthen your quads. Do these a few times a week for optimal results.
Man stretching his hamstrings

These 5 hamstring stretch exercises are guaranteed to loosen you up

Learn how to become more flexible and reduce tightness in your hamstrings with these five simple and effective stretches.
Salmon entree

Your complete guide to the South Beach diet

Discover everything you need to know about the South Beach diet and how it could help you lose weight and get healthy.
Man stretching his chest

The 5 best shoulder stretch exercises to loosen tight muscles

Utilize these five stretches if you experience shoulder pain, poor posture, and limited range of motion in your shoulders.
Healthy omelet.

Should you follow the anti-inflammatory diet? (If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean diet, yes)

Discover the potential pros and cons of the anti-inflammatory diet and what you can and can't eat with this meal plan.
Man loading barbell.

8 fantastic upper body barbell exercises for mass and strength

Take your upper body workouts to another level with these eight exercises that only require one barbell to get you results.
Strawberries and cherries in a bowl

The best diet for gout: What to eat and what to avoid

Learn about what foods to consume and to avoid if you are suffering from gout. Lifestyle changes can help make a difference.
Red meat prepared with rosemary and ready to cook.

Your complete guide to the Dukan diet: Everything you need to know

Want to try the Dukan diet? Learn about what you can and can't eat, the benefits, and the potential adverse effects.
Man holding medicine ball.

Add these 8 amazing lower body medicine ball exercises to your fitness routine

Discover eight effective exercises for working your lower body with only one medicine ball. You can do these exercises at home or the gym.
Man on stationary bike.

Elliptical vs. stationary bike: Which is a better workout?

Elliptical machines and stationary bikes are among the most popular pieces of equipment for cardio workouts. Learn which offers a better workout.
Meal prep

What are macronutrients? Understand the key to healthy eating

Learn about protein, carbohydrates, and fat to discover the roles they play in your body and why you don't want to omit one.
Man on stationary bike.

A new study says only working out on the weekend is just fine (and here’s how to do it)

Discover what the science says about being a weekend warrior - do the benefits of only weekend workouts outweigh the cons?
A man doing a front squat with a barbell.

8 amazing barbell leg workouts to build strength

Try adding these eight barbell exercises to your next lower body workout for improved muscle growth and definition
Various legumes in a mix.

Why molybdenum is an essential nutrient (and the best ways to include it in your diet)

Learn everything you need to know about molybdenum, including the ideal food sources to incorporate into your meals.
Man carrying weights.

How to get rid of your love handles quickly, according to a fitness expert

We show you the best exercises and diet habits to follow to get rid of love handles. Start transforming your body now!
Shirtless man doing a shoulder workout on a pull-up bar.

How to create the perfect upper/lower body split workout routine

Get access to an effective upper/lower body workout plan to see results in no time! This routine is simple, yet effective.
A person playing pickleball

Prevent the most common pickleball injuries with these 5 simple exercises

Learn about five exercises you can do to prevent the most common injuries that occur in a pickleball game or practice.
Granola and fruit.

11 delicious high-carb foods that are actually healthy for you

Carbohydrates provide sustainable energy, and eating foods high in complex carbohydrates provides you with all-day-long fuel.
Hummus, veggies, and crackers.

The Mayo Clinic diet: Everything you need to know about this doctor-approved regimen

Learn about the benefits of the Mayo Clinic diet and what foods you can and can't enjoy with this healthy way of eating.
Man doing push-ups at a gym.

Push-up training tips: Give your upper body strength a boost

By strengthening the core, triceps, and chest, you can take your pushups to the next level. Here are some of the best tips to try.